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Clarity is key

Miscommunications are tough and unfortunately, when it comes to your business expanding to new markets or you personally gaining access to work or health care in Canada, the consequences can be high.

Why choose Calgary Translation Services?

Because we know how important it is to get it right. We know that your expansion depends on accurately portraying your brand in another language while being respectful to another culture. We know that integrating into Canadian culture depends on you accessing the services and amenities you need for a comfortable life.

Your team of certified
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  • 3,400
    Certified, Human Translators & Interpreters

  • 200+
    Languages & Dialects

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  • 48,000
    Certificates & Licenses Translated

  • 23,700
    Corporate Documents Translated

  • 17,546
    Presentations & Meetings Interpreted

  • 2,439
    Marketing Assets Localized

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Learn the secrets of communicating in any language to any culture.

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Top Languages

We translate to over 100 languages but our most common requests are often for Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, Tigrynia, German and French. To see the rest, check out our services.

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