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4 Reasons Why Error-Free Translations Are Important

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Last Updated: July 19, 2021
By: Rana Hamodah

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you operate, if you deal with international clients or sellers, you will need good, error-free translations so you can communicate effectively.

English might be a widely spoken language but it’s still not very well understood or spoken in some parts of the world. Since we live in a world where businesses have gone global – especially due to the internet – it is important that you offer your site, marketing and communications translated in local languages.

Big websites like MSN and Facebook are available in several languages including English, Spanish, Hindi, and French. However, that’s not all that a business needs to worry about as business documents need to be translated as well.

This is important to get right because even a small mistake in translation can cost businesses huge losses.

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Here are four reasons why you need to opt for error-free translation:

1. It’s Important to Maintain Your Image

You will find it very difficult to impress your audience if your marketing material, website, or other documents contain “poor translation.”

The message can get lost.

If you search the web, you will find several examples of improper translations that resulted in humorous results.

A good example is when Pepsi entered the Chinese market and translated its slogan “Pepsi brings you back to life.”

The company opted for literal translation which resulted in the slogan reading “Pepsi brings dead ancestors back from the back.”

The drink ended up marketing itself to zombies!

While a majority of these mistakes only result in laughter, some can cost you major losses in the form of bad publicity and a damaged public image.

Learn how human translation can help you avoid hilarious but humiliating translation errors.

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2. It Can Help You Find More Business

Most people opt to get materials translated because they want to reach a wider audience and increase their industry foothold.

Poor translations will not win you new customers.

In fact, consumers and other businesses may reject your proposal due to misunderstandings.

Remember that it’s your image that is on the line; don’t run the risk of losing business in an attempt to save a few dollars.

Look for quality translators to ensure you get high-quality results. Otherwise, you will end up like Schweppes Tonic Water.

The company translated its name into Italian when it entered the Italian market without realizing that it now meant “Schweppes Toilet Water!”

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It is common for some countries to have regulations intended to prosecute companies for deceptive or false advertising. The Federal Trade Commission in the US is known to pursue cases against businesses that make inaccurate or inflated claims that might be the result of poor translation.

The penalties can be very high including criminal charges in some parts of the world. Poor translation is not a valid excuse in the court of law, which is why you should make sure to go for good quality translations.

Think about The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA); the organization that provides safety guidelines for businesses.

OSHA requires businesses to develop a detailed safety plan that explains the procedures to follow in case of a mishap.

It’s mandatory for oil refineries and chemical plants to create documents that can be understood by all employees, including employees who speak foreign languages.

This is why companies often get manuals translated into different languages. You have to be very careful as a small mistake can lead to serious consequences.

4. Inaccurate Translation Can Be Costly

Businesses have to enter into contracts with a variety of vendors and clients including some that may not understand their language. It’s important to hire proper translation providers so that communication is neat and there are no misunderstandings.

Clear translation does not only ensure everyone’s on the same page, but it also helps save money.

A small mistake can result in delays and other such issues. Plus, you might end up being legally liable as well. A good example is the Korea-European Union Free Trade Agreement.

The Korean trade ministry made the mistake of choosing to translate the document internally, instead of hiring professionals. In the end, they ended with a document with more than 200 errors. By using a translation service in the country of Canada, you can rest easy with our professional results.

Protect Your Business, Hire the Professionals

All in all, hiring corporate translators can help you save money, avoid legal issues, and make a mark. We offer all kinds of translation services and cater to a variety of niches.

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As a migrant to Canada, Rana understands the challenges newcomers face and how access to information can help ease the transition.

Her two Bachelors of Arts in Linguistics and Literature and Translation paired with her Masters in Education and her candidacy for a Ph.D. in Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy (EDD) at the university of British Columbia make her uniquely qualified in ethnocultural communications. She is a Commissioner for Oath and can administer oaths and take, receive, and attest affidavits, affirmations and declarations. Currently, she is also pursuing her Immigration Consultant Certificate.