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Last Updated: May 18, 2022
By: Rana Hamodah

Arabic is a native language by 310 million people, who speak it in over 30 different variations. Many other languages, including Persian, Turkish, Spanish, Hindi, and Malay, have been impacted by Arabic, a language rich in tradition and culture. Arabic is a difficult language to learn. It is not difficult to translate Arabic words into English, however while translating an Arabic text into English, one must be very careful with the Arabic grammar. When it comes to a language with many subtleties, grammar translation may be quite difficult. Whether you need a document translation, medical translation, or a complicated text, you should choose a professional service since local translators understand how Arabic text translation works and can deliver accurate translations.


Translatoro is either an app or a piece of software that converts an Arabic text or voice message into English. This phrase might refer to a professional translator who can deliver translations from Arabic to English or vice versa. Remember that not all translation software is suitable for technical translations. Furthermore, if your job will be consistent, it is always advisable to use a professional translation agency in the long run. If your firm requires occasional legal translations, it is preferable to use a professional agency than to rely on an Arabic-English translator.

For many individuals these days, time and money are the most important factors. Everyone expects quick, high-quality services at an affordable cost. There aren’t many translation firms that can give all of this, and we happen to be one of them. We promise the quickest turnaround time and delivery before the agreed-upon deadline. We are easy to reach since we operate around the clock, and we are even faster at getting your task started. We don’t skimp on quality while yet providing some of the most competitive prices on the market.

Arabic Translation Services

We provide a diverse range of expert language translation services for a variety of clientele. We recognise the value of confidentiality, dependability, and accuracy, and as a result, it is an ideal alternative for businesses to entrust their experienced translators.

Our staff of professional legal translators can quickly and accurately translate any legal document. The people who are in charge of this duty take great care when translating. We provide services for a variety of legal papers, including Powers of Attorney, Affidavits, court documentation, legal contracts, and more.

Arabic Subtitle translation

With the aid of its qualified and seasoned translators, we provide certified Arabic Translation Services in Canada. Our team of translators can convert your audio and visual data into accurate and exact text transcripts in the language of your choice.

Arabic Interpreting Services

Calgary Translation Services’ skilled translators are dedicated to assisting you in navigating and succeeding in your commercial efforts. It is the most advanced and well-known Arabic translation and interpretation firm, using experienced translators, interpreters, and specialists to assure top-notch interpretation. Because interpretation requires great verbal and comprehending abilities, most translators who specialise in document translations are not professionals in interpretation. All of our interpreters are fluent in all dialects of the Arabic language.

Arabic Medical translation

Calgary Translation Services’ skilled translators are well qualified in medicine and can correctly grasp and process medical data. Our Medical Translators are all fluent in the colloquial Arabic of each Arab country, so our interpreters will have no trouble understanding their lingo. We also offer medical translations for prescriptions, diagnosis reports, handwritten medical information, trial agreements, clinical procedures, and a variety of other documents.

Arabic Professional translation

Various forms of Arabic language translation services are provided by Calgary Translation Services. The translators’ network creates accurate, relevant, and easy-to-understand text. It offers verified translations in a variety of languages, as well as higher-quality output. While there are numerous language translation services to pick from, it is critical to select one that is dependable, rapid, and simple.


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