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Last Updated: May 17, 2022
By: Rana Hamodah

Academics, corporations, writers, and others need high-quality translation services all across Victoria and the rest of British Columbia and Canada. Thanks to our extensive expertise, abilities, knowledge, and flexibility, we’re ready to support everyone in Victoria, no matter what sort of translation they require. Students and professors alike demand professional academic translators to write academic articles for publication in foreign-language journals or to translate a questionnaire into the language of their study subjects. Whether your area is political science, economics, or anything else, you can count on us to deliver correct translations every time. We can guarantee the correctness of our technical translations since we carefully select academic translators with experience in different fields of study


Experts Catering the Need of the Hour

Businesses all around Vancouver Island’s Garden City can profit from the various advantages that business translation provides. Whether you need to translate an internal corporate document for your multilingual team, a marketing piece to engage a new audience, or web material to assist attract business from across the world, businesses from Downtown to the Inner Harbour stand to benefit greatly from ordering translation.

Literary Translation

Translation, like writing, is an art form. This applies more than anything to literary translation. Our talented translators have made it their duty to turn your original manuscript, screenplay, poem, script, or other artistic creation into a well-known work of literature in another language. Our translators have already assisted writers of thrillers, dramas, romance novels, and other literary works, and they would love to assist you in internationalizing your book or other work of literary art.

Medical Translation

Because of the complicated vocabulary that confuses non-experts, medical translation is a particularly tough discipline of translation. Fortunately, the medical translators with whom we’ve worked are specialists in cancer, anesthesia, obstetrics and gynecology, and a variety of other fields. That means that if you’re a healthcare professional in Victoria, we can connect you with top-notch translators.

A thorough understanding of Canadian legal language is required to effectively prepare legal papers in Victoria. We’ve teamed with a highly respected legal translation service to supply you with skilled legal translators that can translate a wide range of language pairs—for example, Chinese to English and English to Punjabi. Their translators are experts in tax law, company law, and other fields, and they’ve all signed strong nondisclosure agreements, so you can feel assured that your information will be kept private. Immigrating to Canada is difficult, and one of the first things most newcomers want is an English translation of their official paperwork. We can translate driver’s licences, academic transcripts, and a variety of other official documents with proven accuracy using our certified translation service.

Website Translation

If it was solely accessible to English speakers, it wouldn’t be named the World Wide Web. Our website translators can turn your company or personal website into a multilingual marvel, allowing visitors from all around the globe to view and interact with your content.

The Goal

Our goal at Translate Calgary is to deliver the best translation services to the people of Victoria. We’re in a wonderful position to accomplish this purpose since we’re the industry leaders in online translation. We’re moving at a breakneck pace, assisting business executives, teachers, and creatives from all around Victoria. Allow our professionals to handle your translation needs. It entails translations created by skilled, professional human translators who are committed to accuracy and quality. The word “human” is important since we have never used and will never utilise machine translation in our services. The truth is that no computer can accurately translate Japanese, Serbian, Bengali, or any of the other 100+ languages that our human translators are fluent in. Our human translators are also experts in a variety of sectors, including medical translation, localization, and a variety of others. We’re here to help you with any language or topic.

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