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Last Updated: May 17, 2022
By: Rana Hamodah

Translate Calgary offers high-quality, low-cost language services to businesses and people in Winnipeg. We provide expert translation services for material from various sectors in over 100 languages—professional translators who are native speakers of the target language complete all translations. By removing linguistic barriers, our translation company is devoted to assisting businesses in succeeding in the worldwide economy. Your translation project will be overseen by a team of experienced project managers who thoroughly grasp your requirements and collaborate with the finest translators to provide the highest quality translation possible.

Quality in Document Translation Services

Translate Calgary provides document translation services for various content types and topic matters. We have some of the most excellent experienced translators in the business on staff. We are ready to provide document translation services to Winnipeg’s primary industries, such as advanced manufacturing, information technology, and finance. Our expert translators, proofreaders, and editors will work together to provide precisely translated text for each document translation assignment. Personal papers, such as birth certificates and business-related documents, such as manuals, contracts, and financial records, are all covered by our document translation services.

About Winnipeg

Winnipeg is the provincial capital of Manitoba. The city is located in the geographic centre of North America, only 100 kilometres from the US border. It is connected to the Trans Canada Highway from the east and west. Winnipeg is home to a varied population of about 720,000 people from over 100 different countries. Tagalog, German, Ukrainian, Punjabi, Polish, and Spanish are among the most widely spoken languages in Winnipeg and as are French and English. Immigrants from the Philippines, India, China, Germany, Poland, and the United States make up around 20% of Winnipeg’s population.

Winnipeg has one of the most varied economies in Canada. Advanced manufacturing, aerospace, energy and environment, information technology, and tourism are some of the region’s important sectors. Winnipeg’s financial services industry is highly competitive, with significant operations by Canada’s “big six” banks.

Translate Calgary provides expert legal translation services for businesses and people in Winnipeg. We are prepared to produce accurate and dependable legal translations that match your unique requirements, thanks to our staff of experienced and talented legal translators. Our legal translation services encompass various legal issues affecting both individuals and organizations. We give each lawful translation request our full attention and care, recognizing that the smallest detail may significantly impact. There is no room for error. We understand you have a tight deadline, so we’ll work closely with our translator to ensure you have the best legal translation possible and on time. Website translation is simple and effective for us. A team of localization engineers, linguists, translators, and innovative website translation technologies make up our website translation solution. Thanks to our stringent quality control procedure, your translated website will give your clients all the information they need in their local language. When it comes to website translation, Translate Calgary is a great choice. Companies rely on us to create multilingual websites that make all potential customers feel at ease when they visit.              

Technical Translations in Winnipeg

User manuals, datasheets, software programs, Android and iOS apps, assembly instructions, and engineering and scientific materials are all examples of technical translations. Technical document translations in Winnipeg are frequently required to be translated from French to English. Other languages, such as English to French Canadian, will be solved by companies doing business in Winnipeg.

Marketing Translations in Winnipeg

In Winnipeg, multilingual marketing is vital. We can aid you in communicating successfully with your target audience by providing translation and related desktop publishing services.

Financial Translations in Winnipeg

Many of Winnipeg’s biggest businesses require financial and yearly reports translated. We collaborate with you on translation and desktop publishing to deliver a completed document in the format you want.

The Best Possible Option

Translators have specific areas in which they specialize. Wherever feasible, we will match your document translation request with a member of our staff who has experience in your domain area. Document types differ, and expertise in that field aids in producing a more accurate translation in less time.

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