Driver’s Translation at $40

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Last Updated: July 19, 2021
By: Rana Hamodah

With globalization at its height in the past few years, language barriers have posed a challenge to most people. It is something that everyone encounters – from professionals working in multinational companies to immigrants just moving into a new country. This is why translation has also risen in demand, as more and more people have the need to communicate with their foreign friends or counterparts.

One type of translation is legal translation. This focuses on the translation of formal and legal interactions, or materials. These interactions can include government meetings, court hearings, and medical appointments. Legal translation also applies to the translation of materials such as government identification cards, legal documents, licenses, and more.

Translators who specialize in this field are experts in providing high-quality interpretations and translations. Now you might be asking, “Why should I hire professionals to help me translate my documents?”. Here’s why:

In the field of legal translation, there is so much of the legal system and law, in general, that is involved. These require experienced professionals who have done this for years, due to the possible dire consequences that may happen if even a single word or phrase is mistranslated.

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Legal systems in different countries vary greatly from each other. The law, no matter the language, has to be exact and must communicate the same message it conveys. The translation requires a precise process, as well as mastery of the legal system in both the source country and the target country.

In Canada, the government sets certain standards and requirements for all documents. Strict measures ensure that all documents adhere to all the requirements set by the Canadian government. Non-compliance could mean legal implications, failed applications, or expensive litigations.

Without the help of actual experts in legal translations, certain terminology may be lost in the process. This is because some terms are specific to each language and without proper training and experience, they may be omitted or mistranslated.

It is also important that the legal documents you need to be translated are kept in privacy and are confidential. Professional legal translators have confidentiality agreements and policies that protect you from possible issues that can come from a privacy leak.

If you are an immigrant, a foreign worker, or an international business and you plan on getting your driver’s license or birth certificate translated to a new language, our professional translators here at Calgary Translation Services will help you get it done with perfect and proven translations.

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Why us?

We, at Calgary Translation Services, have been overcoming the challenges posed by language barriers for the past 25+ years. We accurately translate all those important and sensitive legal documents in over 120+ languages.

This comes with a 100% error-free guarantee, because we run translations through at least 2 expert translators that adhere to industry and legal standards. We are just that confident that our 3400+ translators can help you get the precise and accurate results that these legal documents require.

Need your translations fast? We have one of the fastest turnaround and delivery times, at just 2-3 business days. You can compare that to the 5-9 business day turnaround times our competitors have, all while maintaining a high level of quality on all translations and protecting your privacy with our strict confidentiality policy.

Translate your driver’s license or birth certificate for just $40, just contact us for a FREE consultation.

About the author

Rana Hamodah

As a migrant to Canada, Rana understands the challenges newcomers face and how access to information can help ease the transition.

Her two Bachelors of Arts in Linguistics and Literature and Translation paired with her Masters in Education and her candidacy for a Ph.D. in Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy (EDD) at the university of British Columbia make her uniquely qualified in ethnocultural communications. She is a Commissioner for Oath and can administer oaths and take, receive, and attest affidavits, affirmations and declarations. Currently, she is also pursuing her Immigration Consultant Certificate.