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Last Updated: May 17, 2022
By: Rana Hamodah

After English, Portuguese, the native language of Brazil and Portugal, is the most widely spoken European language. The language has the most development potential as an international language in South America and South Africa, with a presence on five continents. With more than 250 million individuals fluent in Portuguese, translating and localizing your content will provide you with several chances. You may have been encouraged to believe that Portuguese and Spanish are quite similar. Even though they are both Romance languages and knowing one might help you learn the other, Spanish and Portuguese people cannot communicate well with one another.

We are the industry leaders in Portuguese translation services, with a language staff of local translators that can assist you in overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers. Experienced translators provide professional Portuguese to English translation services at a low rate. Accuracy and speed are assured. Portuguese document translations, Portuguese website translations, Portuguese certificate translations, and legal and financial Portuguese translations are among our services.

Business Translation

Depending on the provenance of the Portuguese text, certain terms and phrases, colloquialisms, and cultural information will result in various English translations. If a technical Portuguese translation for an IT organization is performed by an inexperienced translator who is unaware of these distinctions, the final Portuguese-translated document will have several humiliating errors readily apparent to a native Portuguese speaker. Portuguese to English translation is a very important tool because of the increasing expansion and popularity of the Portuguese language. Because English is the world’s lingua franca, anybody who speaks English may translate Portuguese documents, whether as a first or second language. You must choose only a competent Portuguese translation agency to translate your Portuguese-English papers.

The legal translation teams in Calgary are made up of actual legal specialists that have extensive expertise in interpreting a wide range of legal documents. Many are previously lawyers with in-depth knowledge of their respective nations’ legal systems. You can rely on Calgary to give excellent translations since it has more than three decades of expertise interpreting legal documents to and from Portuguese.

Financial Translation

We have financial translators and project managers with prior expertise and/or training in the Portuguese financial services business. We provide a range of related business services for financial clients, including Portuguese virtual data room solutions for M&A due diligence support, Portuguese interpreters for meetings and presentations, Portuguese website localization, Portuguese regulatory compliance consulting, Portuguese brand management, and Portuguese e-learning and training support, in addition to Portuguese document translation.

Technical Translation

We can provide expert translation services for various document categories, including manuals, brochures, advanced-level academic research papers, and product spec sheets. We collaborate with industry experts in various technical domains, such as engineering, biology, chemistry, and physics. Before beginning their translation careers, many of Calgary’s technical translators have years of expertise, extensive technical degrees, and real-world experience in the specialization.


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