The Cost of Translation Services

The Cost of Translation Services

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Last Updated: July 19, 2021
By: Rana Hamodah

Different people hire translation services providers for different reasons. Some want to market a product in a different region, some want to make presentations to a foreign buyer, and some want to bridge the gap between neighbors and friends.

Whatever the reason, it is important to know how to find the cost of translation services so that you can decide if a paid translation services provider is the right option for you or not.

Yes, you can get sentences, paragraphs, and entire documents for free by using Google Translator and other such tools; however, that may not be the right option since free tools are not reliable and should never be used in a business or educational setting.

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The true cost of translation services

So, what is the true cost of translation services?

For an easy answer, you can get in touch with us and we’ll offer a free quote. However, remember that the amount depends on a number of factors including:

  • The Language

Two things matter a lot – the original language of your document and the language you need to get it translated into.

English is the most popular choice for most people since it is an internationally accepted language; however, we also receive requests to translate documents to and from Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, and other languages.

We cater to all languages; however, remember that the cost of translation services largely depends on the language your document is in and the language you wish to get it translated into.

Converting documents into or from English, for example, can be cheap because there are a lot of good English speakers in this field, but the same cannot be said for some less popular languages like Hebrew and Russian.

  • The Quality

You can get a variety of documents or files translated including audio files, video files, and written documents.

Again, each type of document or file can be broken into several types. Audio files can include podcasts, video files can include interviews and meetings, and written documents can include an essay, meeting notes, and a manual.

In most cases, the client provides a written version of the document that is to be translated into one or multiple languages. The written version, however, is not always a properly written document as it is common for clients to use auto-generated subtitles that may not always be correct.

Such files require more effort and expertise hence the cost of translation services for such documents can be higher than the cost of translation services for documents that are very neatly written.

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  • The Size of the Document

The more pages you need to be translated, the lower the cost will be. This one is simple – bulk work means lower per-page cost.

At Calgary Translation Services, we appreciate long-term clients and offer special rates to customers who come to us with bulk work. You can get a discounted quote if you need to get entire manuals, books, or documents translated.

This is why we encourage customers to give big orders as it can help them save money. If you wish to get a document translated into multiple languages then it is best to give the order at once so you can get what you need at a cheaper rate.

  • The Nature of the Document

Some documents can be technical in nature including legal contracts and medical files. They require companies to hire very skilled people. For example, an attorney to translate a legal document and a doctor to translate a medical transcript.

Such technical documents can be more expensive to get translated for obvious reasons. Think about economics. Technically speaking, you can have anyone with a native-level understanding of both the languages involved to translate your document for as long as the person has a good understanding of how translations work.

Your average translator makes about $49,930 per year, which equals to about $26 per hour. However, the average doctor makes more than $50 per hour in the US, which means you will have to pay almost double the amount if you have to get technical documents translated by a professional.

Do not let the numbers scare you though. We will not charge an arm and a leg when you hire our translation services. We have professionals on our payroll to take care of all your translation needs.

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Get in touch with us today to know the cost of translation services and get a customized quote based on your requirements.

  • The Timeline

Some clients are in a hurry – looking for a 24-hour turnaround. While most transition services providers require a few days to get the job done, you can choose to get urgent services by paying additional charges.

This will push the cost a little higher, but it can help you save time. Feel free to let us know if you have a specific deadline to meet and we’ll send you a customized quote based.

Now that you know about the cost of translation services, get in touch with us today to get a quote.

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As a migrant to Canada, Rana understands the challenges newcomers face and how access to information can help ease the transition.

Her two Bachelors of Arts in Linguistics and Literature and Translation paired with her Masters in Education and her candidacy for a Ph.D. in Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy (EDD) at the university of British Columbia make her uniquely qualified in ethnocultural communications. She is a Commissioner for Oath and can administer oaths and take, receive, and attest affidavits, affirmations and declarations. Currently, she is also pursuing her Immigration Consultant Certificate.