Welcome is written in many languages spoken around the world. Canada welcomes newcomers from all over the world.

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Last Updated: July 19, 2021
By: Larita Gerrissen

Moving to a new country and adapting to another culture can sometimes be difficult and challenging. There are a few challenges that newcomers could possibly face when arriving in Canada to build a new life. Canada is committed to multiculturalism as a way to ensure that no one is excluded from full and equal participation in society for reasons beyond their control. The Canadian Government wants to make sure that everyone living in Canada receives equal treatment from government institutions while at the same time showing respect and celebrating diversity. This multicultural commitment aims to create an inclusive Canada by integrating newcomers into the existing Canadian society. In 1988 the Canadian Multiculturalism Act was created with the intention to “to preserve the cultural freedom of all individuals and provide recognition of the cultural contributions of diverse ethnic groups to Canadian society”. 

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Language Barrier

Despite these commitments from the Canadian government there are still some obstacles that newcomers could encounter. One of the biggest challenges would be a language barrier. In Canada, if one does not speak one of the two official languages, English and French, it can be hard to find a job, make friends or even perform basic tasks like buying food or filling out forms. It can also create problems for newcomers in case they need to obtain access to medical care, register for education or find housing. Calgary Translation Services can support newcomers in overcoming this barrier. We can translate documents needed to register for educational programs, medical forms and records, or documentation needed for social services, like housing or income support. Furthermore, Calgary Translation Services can support newcomers by arranging for an interpreter to accompany our clients to meetings with healthcare professionals, immigrations officers, teachers and counselors, community agencies and other related consults. 

Finding Employment

Another common challenge newcomers in Canada face is finding employment. It is not always easy to get foreign credentials recognized and/or to gain relevant Canadian work experience. Newcomers to Canada could benefit tremendously through several programs that are offered by local community agencies, like employment skills training, job search support and connections to potential employers. Calgary Translation Services can support newcomers and their efforts by translating documents related to having foreign credentials transferred or recognized by Canadian employers or educational institutions. In case of language barriers regarding work related disputes or WCB claims, Calgary Translation Services is here to help by creating a platform for effective communication with certified interpreters who can ensure that miscommunication as a result of language barriers is resolved. 

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Culture Shock & Isolation

Culture shock and possible isolation can create some other big challenges for newcomers to Canada; however many local social service agencies offer programs that are all aimed at helping newcomers through the settlement and integrations process. These agencies offer services like counseling, which can range from counseling that focuses on overcoming day-to-day challenges, to family, youth and senior counseling aimed at helping to develop coping skills. Calgary Translation Services can help! Our certified translators and interpreters can translate documentations needed to access these programs and/or they can accompany individuals on their appointments with representatives of these agencies. We are here to help newcomers adjust to their new life as smoothly as possible! 

Calgary Translation Services hopes to see newcomers to Canada succeed in building a new life for themselves and their families. We are here to help! Welcoming newcomers to Canada and helping them thrive!

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About the author

Larita Gerrissen

Larita is of Dutch-Indonesian descent; born and raised in the Netherlands with a significant Indonesian influence. She moved to Calgary, Alberta in March 2006. She feels integrating into Canadian society was an interesting part of her journey as she always tries to approach life, and changes or challenges, with an open mind and a curious mindset. Her background of growing up in blended cultures has influenced this open mindedness; she has a deep interest in learning about different cultures.

Larita holds a Bachelor’s degree in History, a diploma in Business Administration and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services (Social Work). She is dedicated, empathetic and looks at the world through a trauma-informed lens. She has years of experience providing encouragement and support to individuals in challenging situations and is passionate about working with people from diverse backgrounds.