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Last Updated: May 17, 2022
By: Rana Hamodah

Calgary Translate offers professional, cost-effective, and accurate translation services. In over 100 languages, we interpret personal, business, legal, and medical papers. We provide seamless translations of your personal and business documents to cross the language difference. We provide Windsor translation services and local phone interpretation to a variety of provincial departments, private businesses and individuals.

About Windsor

Windsor is a city in Ontario, Canada, present on the southwestern bank of the Detroit River, immediately across from Detroit, Michigan. The city had 229,660 people as of 2021, making it the third-most populous city in Southwestern Ontario, after London and Kitchener. In 1749, a French farming village was created on the site of Windsor. It is considered the oldest continually inhabited European-founded settlement in Canada west of Montreal. Similarly, Windsor has a diverse population.

Translate Calgary in Windsor

As a leading Translation Agency in Windsor, we offer timely, accurate language translation at affordable rates for all your translation and interpreting necessities. We have expert translators who can quickly turn over any paper, whether it’s English to French, Arabic to French, Spanish to Russian, Chinese to French, or vice versa. And delivering it immediately to your desktop in a user-friendly format that you can start utilizing right now.

Legal translation is required if your documents are to be fully understood by your foreign lawyer when exchanging legal contracts or in the run-up to a significant court trial. We have the reputation of taking the hassle out of any legal translation by providing highly competent and experienced legal translators who can securely translate and turn around any form of legal document in record time and a witness statement to the transcription of an evidence tape.

Medical Translation

Medical translation is crucial to avoid costly missteps that might lead to costly lawsuit actions and irreversibly ruin your image later on. Because of the significant multi-cultural and ethnic diversity in most US cities and states, American hospitals and medical institutes deal with a diverse spectrum of constantly expanding languages.

Technical Translation

Technical translation may be tough and time-consuming, so you should choose a technical translator who has an experience in your industry and has a track record in the field. We make every effort to recruit in-country translators and reviewers to guarantee that your technical reports represent a wide range of regulatory requirements and cultural standards, ensuring that your work is always adapted to the demands of your overseas clients. Technical manuals, operating instructions, blueprints, shop drawings, packaging and labelling, sales and marketing materials, press releases, user guides, websites, fact sheets, technical specifications, and product guides are all acceptable.

Financial Translation

All of our financial translators have a university degree in a relevant financial discipline and, in many cases, at least five years of industry experience in your field. Consequently, you can always count on us to produce exact and professional translations to the required industry level. We handle any financial document, allowing you to offer your services to market faster and more effectively than ever before, helping you remain competitive worldwide. Annual reports, corporate minutes, shareholder proposals, mergers and acquisitions, shareholder agreements, and other similar documents


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