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Video Translation and Online Marketing

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Last Updated: July 19, 2021
By: Babak Vosooghzadeh

In video content, video is included in a business or personal website, video platform or social media to promote products and services. Captivating videos are made by creating content that has a clear theme, targets a particular audience, includes references to the desired websites and popularizes the video on social media. 

Video is an effective tool in attracting potential clients because its unique audio-visual features such as graphics, animation, tone of voice, facial expression and influential music make it easier for them to understand the content, establish soul-stirring connection, and develop a longstanding relationship and trust with their customers. 

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Online Marketing

Online Marketing presence is measured by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and by adding titles, descriptions and links, video content enhances the search engine ranking of the target business site, as follows: 

First of all, video content improves the quality backlinks from other websites to the business or personal site which is a key factor used by a search engine to determine ranking. The reason for this is that clients as site visitors are more eager to access videos, and putting out video content on high demanding video sites or social media is an ideal method for gaining referral traffic from other sites. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) translation also can be offered here.

Secondly, the existence of a video increases the number of times visitors spend on the business or personal site which is readily detected by the search engine. If many visitors access a site and then leave it soon, it strongly suggests that the content is not appealing and that they need to visit other sites to satisfy their needs. Therefore, the search engine places the video content at a better ranking due to the increase in visitors that spend considerable time on the target site.

Lastly, the search engine observes the text on a website and searches for other types of communication. If a business or personal site combines effective texts with good quality video content, it implies that the website pages contain a lot of information and use diverse means of communication to convey their message. In fact, by making more quality video content, more traffic will be directed to the target website due to the extensive number of site visits, leading to a better ranking by the SEO process.

Video content improves the SEO which in turn persuades potential clients as site visitors to purchase the intended products and services. This sales conversion takes place because clients are more eager to finalize a purchase after examining a video that effectively markets the customer business.

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Video localization and translation

Due to the vast international market for products and services, video content has to be properly tailored to meet the business requirements of international clients by a process called video localization.

In video localization, the original video content is altered for potential clients in a specific country or location by dubbing it, i.e. translating the original dialogue, including translated subtitles and video related text, and accommodating the cultural aspects of the target language. Some of the benefits of video localization are listed below:

First of all, the text that accompanies the video further enhances the SEO and by including dubbing and subtitles in different languages, the probability that the video content will be observed by potential clients increases. This makes the video accessible to a variety of markets around the globe. Basically, dubbing and including subtitles in different languages strengthen a brand’s global presence because most of the potential consumers or clients spend a majority of their time on sites that use their native language.

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Secondly, localizing video to prevent culturally insensitive topics results in a positive connection with potential clients.

This is where we can support you in improving your online marketing strategies and Search Engine Optimization! Calgary Translation Services provides error-free translation of video content to many languages by translating the original dialogue, translating subtitles, handling cultural cues and having a deep understanding of the subject matter and context. For businesses, these features are essential to maintain an image, avoid legal trouble and costly inaccurate translations, reach a wider audience, gain a foothold in the global market, and ultimately improve business prospects.

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