Why hire a professional for document translation?

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Last Updated: March 12, 2021
By: Rana Hamodah

With AI enabled systems, people prefer to use google translators for their translation needs. No doubt they save time, but those online translators lack accuracy. They often translate word-per-word and that is where they fail to understand the sentence structure, and underlying message or connotations in many texts. Professional translators on the other hand, retain the actual meaning of the document and convey the correct message of the content. Moreover, the quality of work speaks for itself for a work done by a professional.


Below are 5 key reasons why hiring a professional translator is suggested:


Extensive knowledge: Relying on an amateur bilingual or a machine translator can get you into trouble. You might land up in a poorly completed project. Professional translators know proper terminology and go through the entire document to have a crux of the actual idea. Then, they start their translation process and focus on each and every word, phrase and sentence to preserve the right meaning of the project.


Accuracy & Reliability: Professional translators can be relied upon. Official documentation requires correct punctuation, grammar, spelling and symbols. With machine based translation, a few errors may be expected. One cannot confide in such work for future needs. Additionally, if we particularly talk about more official documents pertaining to any of legal, financial, marketing, or retail aspects, one must never compromise. No one wants to convey a wrong message to their customers.


High quality output: An amateur person or a machine may often give gibberish output. Unlikely, a professional translator, they may take up your valuable time and deliver improper results. For an organization to run smoothly, accurate content is a must. The customers must never be misguided by the company’s message. Thus, to have the right content in hand equipped with quality, a professional translator is suggested.


Save time and money: when we construct a new house, we go through various designs by approaching an architecture or designer. They understand our needs in the best manner and help us create what we want. Similarly, we need a professional translation agency to get our work translated. They understand the intricate details and draft a document which clearly outlines the target message. An amateur or in-house translator has to be trained properly which consumes a lot of time and effort. All in all, every penny given to a professional translator is an investment which pays off later.


Sustainability: it is a well known fact that companies spend years in building their reputation whereas it takes just a few minutes to ruin it. Thus every step a company takes, contributes towards either building or destroying its reputation. A professional translation agency has the right tools, quality assurance and procedures to ensure consistency, accuracy and sustainability. You need to start getting your work translated from professionals in order to maintain your brand reputation and to make sure your target audience receives the right message.


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