Why Your Corporation Needs Translation Services

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Last Updated: January 7, 2021
By: Rana Hamodah

Translation has been an important part of businesses for the most part of human history. From the ancient Romans to today’s modern companies, the importance of conveying and communicating the correct and appropriate message, regardless of the language, is important to strengthen ties, secure deals and have seamless transactions.

With the rise of the digital era, the spread of ideas and information is also at its highest. There has never been more need for the exchange of these, thus the need for translation services around the world.

So the question is, why should your corporation require translation services?

Here’s why:

Possibility of expansion into foreign markets

All corporations, including those aimed at a local market or audience, will surely look into the possibility to expand outside their area or country. The potential for more customers internationally is something that cannot be discounted.

Expanding internationally without the use of translation services would be very difficult due to the language barriers, especially when expanding to countries that do not speak your language (i.e. Canadian corporation to the Italian market).

Being able to enlist the help of translation services would not only be essential but also be very beneficial. All communication will be streamlined and potential errors that are caused by language barriers are minimized.

There is also the need to comply with government standards, permits and processes in other countries and the legal documents required will need to be properly filled out and submitted. Without the help of translation services, this would be very difficult to accomplish since some countries or territories may need the presence of a government body to verify and approve these documents. Poorly translated documents would also lead to misinformed decisions, which are very detrimental to any corporation.

Online expansion prospects

In today’s digital era, the online presence and expansion of corporations have taken more importance. This is because of the largely untapped market on the Internet that knows no boundaries. With this, more and more corporations have taken the step to create an online presence that resonates with their target market.

With that said, translation services take a huge role in this online expansion, especially for corporations that cater to international markets that speak different languages and are of different cultures.

Professional translation service providers can translate anything from Facebook and Instagram posts to Youtube videos, and this paired with a proper marketing campaign, would then in turn lead to a strong online presence that puts any corporation ahead of their competitors.

Improve internal and external communications

International corporations generally have a very diverse set of employees that may come from different countries and cultures. Communication is one of the most important aspects of building and nurturing a good working environment.

This is why translation services are important, in order to bridge different cultures and to be able to create an environment that thrives on the proper communication of the values set by your corporation, as well as daily operations running that involve employees who do not speak the same language. Miscommunication internally can lead to the loss of credibility and even financial loss in other corporations.

This also counts for all external communications to investors, customers, or clients. Part of running a corporation and catering to an international market means to be able to conduct proper business transactions and convey the right message for all external communications.

Enhance reputation and credibility

Your corporation’s values, branding and message are all important in building your identity and reputation. Keeping these clear and consistent throughout all markets and audiences is necessary for the eyes of your investors, clients and customers. This also enhances the trust that potential customers have towards your corporation.

If your market spans different countries and cultures, translating all your content and communications to your market’s preferred language would mean that you keep them in mind. This creates more credibility.

Incorporating the help of translation services also ensures that all external communications are correct and culturally appropriate, regardless of the language it is being written in. This also means preventing any possible miscommunications that can lead to legal implications and loss of reputation.

Translation services have their place in every corporation. They can be the difference between the growth and success of your corporation, or a huge loss. The importance of globalization, as well as the prospects of expansion to international markets, make them not only indispensable but also very advantageous. All you have to do is to find the right translation service provider for your corporation’s needs.

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Rana Hamodah

As a migrant to Canada, Rana understands the challenges newcomers face and how access to information can help ease the transition.

Her two Bachelors of Arts in Linguistics and Literature and Translation paired with her Masters in Education and her candidacy for a Ph.D. in Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy (EDD) at the university of British Columbia make her uniquely qualified in ethnocultural communications. She is a Commissioner for Oath and can administer oaths and take, receive, and attest affidavits, affirmations and declarations. Currently, she is also pursuing her Immigration Consultant Certificate.