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Why Do We Need to Get
Documents Translated?

In most countries, it is a requirement to get original documents translated when you apply for immigration.

In most cases, documents are required to be translated to the English language as it is spoken all around the world and is the official language for most countries, but in some cases, you might have to get your official documents translated into the country’s national language where you intend to move.

This is because people who work at the embassy might not always understand the language that your documents in. Most countries have chosen English as the official language and all office work is done in English but in some countries, the national language might be used for this purpose.

When you apply for immigration, your documents will be sent to different departments for verification, approval, and testing. Ensuring they’re in a language everyone understands helps save time and reduces the risk of errors.

What Documents Need to be Translated?

The documents you are supposed to submit and get translated depend on your target country.

US Citizenship and Immigration Services, for example, requires vital certificates and affidavits. In some countries, you might have to face additional documents including:

  • Birth Certificate

The immigration department requires birth certificates to verify parentage and the applicant’s date of birth. You might also have to get your children’s birth certificate translated if you wish to migrate with your family and you have children.

The document serves as proof that you have dependents who need to move with you.

  • Marriage Certificate

A marriage certificate serves as proof that you have a spouse. It will be needed when you want to migrate with your spouse.

You cannot get a visa or approval for your partner without a valid and translated marriage certificate. The document contains information including your name, your partner’s, the date of marriage, etc.

  • Divorce Certificates

In some countries, you might have to submit a divorce certificate, especially if you are applying for a category that only entertains single applicants.

  • Transcripts

In most immigration cases, applicants have to submit translated copies of transcripts and diplomas to verify their educational background. Most countries welcome skilled and educated employees.

There are various categories of visas and is it also common for countries to have a special quota for applicants with a specific degree.

An application with a translated degree is considered more valuable than an application that contains no degrees or no translated degrees.

  • Passports

This one is a no brainer, you cannot migrate without a passport.

In most countries, the passport is in the English language, which is the official language in most parts of the world. However, if your passport is in a different language or if the official language in your target country is different then you must get your passport translated.

  • Police Report

The purpose of a police record is to verify there are no current or past police complaints against you. No country wants to welcome a criminal, hence they want to see translated police reports.

While it’s an important document, you might not have to submit it in all cases as some countries can verify details using international databases that contain up-to-date records.

  • Bank Document

The purpose of a bank statement is to show your financial condition and what kind of money you are capable of making.

Banks issue a variety of documents including bonafide certificates to verify account details. In most cases, all these documents have to be translated as they’re used to verify identity and background information.

  • Affidavit

In most cases, you’ll be asked to submit an affidavit that assures all the information provided is true and correct. You can choose to get the affidavit in the required language or write it in your language and get it translated.

You will need to hire the services of an immigrant translator to get these documents translated into your target language.

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Languages We Provide

We want to be a one-stop solution for anyone looking for an immigration translator.

We have clients from all around the globe – China, Russia, UAE,  India, Malaysia, American, Canada, Australia, and Japan – who need to get immigration documents translated. Moving to Vancouver, Toronto, or Calgary we can help you with translation solutions.

Here some of the languages translation we cover:

  • Dutch, English, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, French
  • Hebrew, Italian, German, Tigrinya, Portuguese
  • Japanese, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Russian, Korean

Talk to our customer service agents to know more about the languages we support.

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Why Choose Calgary Translation Services?

Whether you’re looking for an online immigration translator or a company you can talk to in person, we’re here for you.

Here are some of the reasons Calgary Translation Services is among the best translation agencies in Calgary:

  • We Are Affordable

Low on budget? Worry not. We understand budget constraints and offer customized quotes based on the number of pages, the target language, and other such factors.

Call 1 (800) 311-2094 to speak to an agent.

  • Our Translators Are Skilled

All our translators are certified with years of experience handling immigration documents. When you work with us, you’re working with a company that takes your documents as seriously as theirs.

  • We Cover Several Languages

Don’t let languages intimidate you, we speak yours.

We have thousands of employees working from different corners of the world to ensure your immigration process goes smoothly. They have native language proficiency and the skills needed to translate immigration documents.

  • Excellent Customer Support

We understand that it isn’t only about the quality of translated documents but also about customer support.

Our agents go the extra mile to ensure you get high quality work and face no problem during the process. They’re well-informed, friendly, professional, and ready to answer all your questions.

Reach us at +1(800) 311-2094 to have a conversation. We’re available seven days a week.

  • We Respect Deadlines

The immigration process is time conscious. We understand your urgency and will make sure to meet all our deadlines so that you can submit your application on time.

We process most documents within 2-3 days but also entertain urgent requests. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.

  • High Quality Translations

Our translators are well aware of the technicalities involved in translating documents. We don’t perform word-to-word translations but understand the meaning behind every sentence to create translations that are correct and easy to comprehend.

  • We Guarantee Security

Our system is safe and secure. You can upload your confidential documents and make payments online without any risk. All files are encrypted and only shared with our translators.

  • We Care for the World

We are committed to helping people help others. This is why we are dedicated to donating 30% of our annual profits to a charity or nonprofit organization as a way for us to give back to our communities.

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