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You’ve chosen to immigrate to Canada because of its reputation for multiculturalism and work or educational opportunities, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. With the help of CTS, we’ll ensure you understand the process, so you can gain status in Canada and access to the services you need. You deserve these services and shouldn’t be held back by paperwork or meetings that are only available in English.


Instead of starting the complicated and time-consuming process on your own, contact us first, we’ll guide you on what you need (and what you don’t). Our team understands the process well, as over half of us are first-generation immigrants and have been through it ourselves.

Our in-house immigration and education consultants have a deep understanding of the system and your needs, so we’ll translate only the required documents. Their expertise speeds up the processing time and saves you money, so you can become a part of the community faster.

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We speak your language. When you’re booking meetings with government offices, immigration lawyers or community integration programs, bring one of our certified interpreters along so you can understand and be understood.

We know there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to move through the process without understanding the language. No matter how carefully you choose your words, you still can’t seem to get your thoughts across. Our interpreters help ease the process, they understand the system and can help you communicate clearly without requiring you to become fluent in a new language.

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Become a Certified Interpreter

Completing the Professional Interpretation Training will allow you to pursue a career as a certified interpreter. At Calgary Translation Services, we provide the online interpretation training and facilitate the Interpreter Proficiency Test in affiliation with Cultural Interpretation Services for Our Communities (CISOC).

Before registering for the CILISAT (Community Interpreter Language and Interpreting Skills Assessment Tool), we recommend completing the Community Interpreter Training (CIT) and Medical Knowledge and Terminology Training (MKTT). These courses allow you to study online, at your own pace to help you prepare for the CILISAT.

To register for the CIT or MKTT, contact us


To register for the CILISAT, fill out the CILISAT request form, then get in contact:

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