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Certified Translation Agency Calgary

If you are someone who is facing language barriers when it comes to social and cultural dynamics of a diverse country like Canada, we are here to help you.
The current pandemic has taught all of us to draft a new narrative of our lives; we are in the same paradigm. We all want someone who can understand us, to get things rolling with speed and with a high degree of professionalism and integrity.
As a leading legal translation agency, we understand the complexity of the situation and we can assure you we are here to help you overcome the language barriers and translate your personal, official, business, and medical documents.
Studies have shown that slight misunderstandings while conversing can lead to misdiagnosis, wrong assessments, and even cause an interruption in treatment. So you need someone who can accurately translate the conveyed information and message to your language.

Why We Need a Legal Translation Agency?

With globalization taking place around the world, we are not only traveling to other nations, but we are also encountering differences across the world in regards to languages, religions and other cultural aspects. This can play a factor in creating a language barrier. To overcome these challenges and meet the requirements the government has put in place for official documents, professional translation services are needed to translate these types of documents. It ensures we can adjust to the new society we are now calling home without too many problems. The best translation agency is one who not only understands our needs but one who will translate our documents with effectiveness to ease our lives.

Calgary Translation Services is a well reputed translation agency who has been servicing its clients for the last 25 years. We have covered almost all the segments of society and cater to the translation needs of everyone.

Let’s Get Down To How And Why Your Trust In Us Could Be Of Value To You

Translations offered in 100+ Languages:
We offer translation services in 100+ languages. This means we can serve many newcomers who have come to Calgary from other parts of the world; we can accurately translate your documents into English or any other languages.

100 % Error-free Quality:
Our translators offer high quality translation services, so you are assured perfection and accuracy. Each document passes through two translators before it is passed to our clients. Our 3400+ translators display their tenacity to retain the highest standards in the translation business.

3400 Interpreters and Translators:
We have more than 3400 interpreters and translators who are all experts in translating and are well versed in their respective languages. This means we can provide you with impeccable and accurate translations.

Quick and Proficient:
Our services are quick and cost-effective. We understand that medical, or other official documents, need fast translation.We will connect you to one of our project consultants who understands your requirements and will make sure the work is completed in a fast and professional manner.

We translate in Arabic, Spanish, Mandarin, Tigrinya, French and German languages. We also don’t shy away from working with rare languages that require more understanding and familiarity. We service areas including Toronto and Vancouver.

In our world today the internet is breaking many barriers and is bringing the world closer. By offering our translation services we can ensure people all over the world can communicate effectively with each other and make it easier to function in this globalized world.

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Integration and Localization in Translation

There are certain times and occasions when a simple translation will suffice. Yet at other times, you need a professional translation to ensure your message stays true to the original text across different cultures. Some symbols and words are peculiar to the culture, and religion.

We are committed to staying true to the jargon of a certain field or industry during the translation process. There is no doubt that localization plays an important role, and we ensure that by understanding and using the language of locals and your target audience, you can establish a new kind of emotional connectivity. As a Certified Translator in Calgary, you can trust us to create an authentic document based on your needs. We guarantee there will be no misinterpretations of any kind.

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Our Certified Legal Translators Translate in 70 Languages of Canada

Approximately 70 languages are spoken in Canada. There is an Algonquian language family, which constitutes Cree, Ojibway, Innu, and Oji-Cree. It is the most popularly spoken language, which is followed by Inuktut and Athapaskan. There is a vast diversity of indigenous languages in both the rural as well as urban areas. On top of that, millions of migrants across the world come to Canada to build a new life, which makes Canada a dynamic nation with a multitude of languages and cultures. As a Certified Translation Agency, our company understands the diversified populace and the parameters to which we need to work. Our team of translators are well acquainted with many languages, and diverse cultures, which will serve your purpose.

If you were to tour the city of Calgary and its diverse neighborhoods you could find people from all walks of life and from all over the world who have moved to Canada. Although French and English are the official languages of Canada, there are groups who speak their native languages like German, Polish, Spanish, Arabic, Farsi and other languages. Naturally in this diverse setup, the language barrier can pose some challenges. Our expert team of translators can reduce this barrier and make communicating between different cultures easier with the best corporate or individual translation services.

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